Standard DTIs Made to ASTM F959, DTI technology are the best method of controlling bolt tightening. DTI’s are compressible steel washers manufactured with protrusions on one face. When installed under the head of high strength bolts, the protrusions flatten as the bolt is tensioned. Regardless of the bolt’s length and condition, you know the bolt has been correctly tightened when the DTI has been sufficiently compressed.

Our DTI’s are construction-site friendly made with low profile protrusions for ease of installation. All lot, grade, logo and edge markings on our DTI’s are located at gaps between protrusions for ease of inspection. Packed in durable weather resistant steel kegs, our plain DTI’s are protected with a corrosion inhibitor, and come with easily readable instruction sheets and feeler gages in each keg. A number of coating options are available. Certified compression load test reports are supplied with every lot.