Tico® machinery mounting products are designed to match today’s fast changing industrial environment.

These products ensure that plant and machinery are mounted swiftly and safely, but can easily be relocated to provide production flexibility. The most common reason for employing a Tico® product in a machinery mounting application is for the control of vibration.

The problem – An un-isolated machine may transmit vibrations into the surrounding structure and cause annoyance, other problems, or be susceptible to vibrations being transmitted to itself from its surroundings (e.g. in the case of sensitive test equipment).

Vibrations can cause…

  • Damage to floors
  • Damage to machine parts
  • Transmitted noise
  • Operator discomfort
  • Problems with sensitive and accurate equipment

Solution – The basic principle of vibration control is to ensure there is no rigid connection between the machine and its support (e.g. the floor). This is achieved by introducing a Tico® pad between the two.

Benefits of using Tico® machinery mounting materials…

  • Wide range of Tico® pads catering for a wide variety of applications
  • Reduce installation time
  • Improve plant and cost efficiency, by increasing time between maintenance
  • Extend the working life of equipment
  • Enhanced working environment through reduction of troublesome vibration and transmitted noise


Swift precision levelling of plant and machinery

  • Stud with base plate containing Tico® S pads
  • Accurate adjustment for levelling or gradients
  • Low profile for minimum additional height
  • Wide range to suit different duties and loads

Tico®CF Mounting Pads

Critical frequency isolation

  • Unsurpassable isolation down to 8 Hz under load
  • Effectively isolate plant from structures
  • Rapid installation – no mechanical parts to maintain
  • Ranges of standard and non-standard sizes

Tico®Hi-duty Pads and Buffers

Cushion massive impacts and shock loads

  • Three grades of very tough and resilient pads
  • Absorb highly destructive shock loads to prolong machinery life
  • Retain properties under extreme conditions
  • Pad composition varied to suit specific duties

Tico®LF Mounting Pads

Isolate disturbing frequencies

  • Scientifically designed bonded-sandwich pads
  • Excellent plant/structure isolation at low frequencies
  • Easy to install – no mechanical parts to maintain
  • Two grades to suit most applications

Tico®S Machinery Mounts

Resilient mounting pads for general plant

  • Blend of selected cork particles and elastomers
  • Can eliminate anchor bolts when used with Tico® adhesive
  • Rapid installation for flexible plant layouts
  • Attenuates vibration and transmitted noise
  • Compatible with all types of machine base

Tico® VF/PA

Void filler for gaps between mounting pads

  • Made from closed-cell expanded polyurethane
  • Reduces the area of load-bearing pad material
  • Has no inherent reliance – all load is on the pads