The bondura® pin is suited for both new and used equipment, to avoid future play, eliminate play and repair ovality. bondura® technology is constantly developing new solutions to solve problems and comply with customer requirements. We have pin solutions for eccentric adjustment, equipment alignment, securing of flange couplings, combination pins for axial + radial locking and much more.

The Engineering Dept. can provide assistance to your project in an early phase, to optimize the design to ensure best possible functionality, to minimize unwanted downtime and maximize the lifetime for both the bondura® pin assembly and the equipment.

As a customer, you will see significant improvements in the product quality, and the reduced unwanted downtime will give you considerable reductions in operation losses and in maintenance costs. We provide our customers with the all necessary assembly drawings and 3D models, within the limits of bondura®’s policy.

The Engineering Dept. is responsible for all design, modelling and drawing of standard pin solutions and special solutions, including maintaining third part certifications and patent related issues. Designing of special solutions requires a close cooperation between the client and bondura® technology’s highly skilled engineering capacities.

The Engineering Dept. is constantly working with improvements and new solutions to be patented, both at a national level as well as internationally. Our wide range of patented solutions reflects the ingeniousness of our staff and our methods.