Inspector benefits

Inspectors can easily see the orange Squirts™, they don’t have to climb out to all the connections or lug around a torque wrench to know the connection has been completed and instead of sampling only some of the DTI’s with a feeler gage, Squirter® DTIs allow virtually 100% inspection. Torque wrench inspection and part-turn inspection is unnecessary when DTI’s are used,

Erector benefits

Enables correct tensioning as fast as the wrench can be moved to the next bolt, because the operator can see when to stop. The orange silicone is easy for erectors to see, so they don’t need a feeler gage. Erectors can show they have tightened all the bolts.

Designer benefits

Designers knows that some structures need correctly pretensioned bolts to keep the faying surfaces in firm contact and to resist the design service and ultimate loads. DTI’s fulfil the requirements of the “special inspection” provisions, which are often required to be satisfied on particular connections and be correctly assembled and checked. DTI’s do not affect the overall cost of a steel frame because the cost of bolting inspection is reduced.

Owner benefits

Project owners often take an interest in whether DTI’s are incorporated into their structures because they know that properly tensioned bolts are important for their structures. Many owners recognize that the quality of the bolting that DTI’s provide really comes at no extra cost, and with Squirter® DTIs, now at a net savings to them! Dozens of owners report that their cost/benefit analysis of the effect of adding Squirter® DTIs to the job comes out favorably.