Tico®structural bearings provide a maintenance-free resilient barrier for the isolation of structures from ground borne noise and vibration.

In addition, our low-friction sliding bearings are designed to accommodate large lateral movements in structures, particularly when associated with high vertical loads.

Tico®Bondslip Sliding Bearings

For large lateral movements with high vertical loads

Tico® Bondslip low-friction sliding bearings will accommodate large lateral movements in structures, particularly when associated with high vertical loads. These PTFE/nylon faced bearings provide a long maintenance-free life with excellent resistance to wear, weathering and chemicals.

  • Upper member: steel plate with low-friction nylon face
  • Lower member: steel plate with PTFE face
  • Long life maintenance-free sliding surfaces
  • Excellent wear, weather and chemical resistance

Tico® CV/CA

High stress structural bearings

  • Laminates of synthetic rubber with cellular particles, reinforced with high tensile fabric
  • Supplied as pile caps or continuous bearings
  • Working stress range 4.5 to 7.0 MN/m²


High stress resilient seating

  • Particle-loaded polychloroprene reinforced with high tensile fabric
  • For the majority of high stress applications
  • Large span floors, main supports, bridge abutments etc.

Tico® CV/D/RS

Low stress resilient seating

  • Made from particle-loaded polyisoprene
  • High damping characteristics
  • Accommodates normal surface irregularities under low load conditions

Tico® CV/LF

Low stress structural bearings

  • Supplied in two grades moulded in polychlroprene compounds
  • Low frequency isolation for recording studios etc.
  • Working stresses: 0.04 to 0.07 or 0.35 to 0.70 MN/m²

Tico® CV/M

Medium stress structural bearings

  • Similar construction to Tico® CV/CA, but reinforced only in 50 mm thickness grade
  • Supplied in virtually any size to suit specific conditions
  • Working stress range 1.0 to 1.4 MN/m²

Tico® CV/M/RS

Medium stress resilient seating

  • Manufactured from particle-loaded polypropylene
  • Our most popular seating material
  • Withstands high irregularities in support surfaces
  • For main supports, floor slab expansion joints etc.

Tico® CV/PF/RS

Very high stress resilient seating

  • Heavy duty synthetic rubber proofed fabric
  • Suitable for the most arduous construction applications
  • Prevents damage from shrinkage or uneven support surfaces

Tiflex®Acoustic Barriers

Cut noise and vibration between floors

  • Three grades to meet UK Building Regs Document E
  • Isolate noise and vibration – attenuate transmission between floors of multi-occupancy buildings
  • Maximum performance with minimum thickness