BONDURA® pin solution Unique expansion pivot pins

They are used all over the world; in offshore, onshore, mining industry, amusement parks, heavy machinery, deep-sea areas and other – all depending on where the sturdy and durable pivot fasteners are needed.

HARDLOCK® nuts and screws The sturdiest self-locking nuts and set screws

HARDLOCK® consists of two nuts, the first nut “convex nut” (clamp nut) has an eccentric protrusion on the upper surface.

Visual indication and monitoring of fastener loading

Industrial monitoring technology products of the company Industrial Indicators® make your industrial processes safer, more reliable and effective.

James Walker® high-performance sealing products

James Walker® is a dynamic global organization that supplies a wide range of high-performance sealing products and related services to prevent leaks, based on the knowledge from practically each industry.


AYMARA was founded in 2016 as a company focused purely on the distribution of special fasteners and sealing products of the highest quality. Proven products increase the overall extra value of all equipment, increasing their dependability and reducing operating costs, including maintenance costs. Our products and comprehensive services for customers of every type are used wherever the requirements for high reliability and high operational safety are key

As part of our long-term partnerships, our company is a dependable partner, and together with our suppliers, we create the highest standards of reliability, efficiency and quality for all our customers with a comprehensive answer to their needs.


14. 1. 2021 HARDLOCK® nut on Noise barriers

Sound barriers are subject to external loads caused by following elements: Noise barrier’s own weightWind pressure …

Product Overview


Bondura® technology designs and manufactures pin solutions to customers specifications, based on our patented and …


HARDLOCK® Nut provides unparalleled self-locking performance even in the toughest environments and applications. HARDLOCK® consists …

Industrial Indicators®

Industrial Indicators’ suite of bolted joint condition monitoring technologies enable greater safety, reliability, and efficiency …

James Walker®

James Walker® is a dynamic global manufacturing organisation that supplies a vast range of high performance fluid …


The RotaChock® is a recent development focusing on all sectors and industries where large machinery and …


We supply a full range of very special fasteners, socket screws, turned parts and engineering components …