Container crane ancillary equipment have a tendency to come loose from small vibrations as well as wind pressure. In this case study the company made attempts to eliminate loosening problems of such fasteners with prevailing type self-locking nuts. Due to the environmental conditions, self-locking nuts that don`t degrade easily were sought after. Such self-locking nuts work on principles which don`t work well when used with hot-dip galvanized coatings. Also prevailing type self-locking nuts require several times the effort to fasten than regular nuts because of the locking into the threads at a pre-early stage to fastening. After testing the prevailing type self-locking nuts, the merit did not overcome the disadvantage which led them to HARDLOCK® nut. HARDLOCK® nut is composed of all metal not being degradable like nylon insert nuts. HARDLOCK® nut had the main benefit that it ensured that it has one of the highest self-locking capabilities not allowing even one nut to come loose.

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