With the Unilion® range, James Walker® provides industry worldwide with the high-performance answer to fluid sealing problems where conventional products fail to give the integrity or reliability required.

Spring-energised seals are far from new – we have been manufacturing them since the 1940s. But we now offer a full range of Unilion® precision – engineered products that meet the following parameters…

  • Used successfully on applications at up to 103 MPa/15 000 psi
  • Cryogenic duties down to -260 °C
  • Temperature excursions up to +300 °C
  • Resistance to corrosive media
  • Efficient dynamic operation following long stationary periods

Based on these operational benefits, we recommend Unilion® for applications that preclude the use of more conventional elastomeric/polymeric seals on arduous duties in areas such as…

  • Oil and petrochemical
  • Cryogenic plant
  • Aerospace
  • Food and pharmaceutical processing
  • Automotive and general industry

Moreover, Unilion® seals have no storage period limitation. They can safely be held in stock on-site to meet OEM and maintenance requirements.

As a single Unilion® can often perform three sealing duties – static, reciprocating and rotary – this can also reduce your stockholding requirements and simplify inventory control.