Walkersele® OSJ is our unique and patented technique for the On-Site Joining of radial lip seals.

It enables a Walkersele® to be fitted with the ease and maintenance economies of a split type – and provides the high-integrity sealing performance of an endless seal.

Walkersele® OSJ-2

On-Site Joining of split-type radial lip seals

  • Updated version of original well-proven OSJ system with new ‘twin-peg’ joining design
  • Saves downtime and enhances cost-effective maintenance
  • Performance of an endless-type seal – without major plant strip-down or on-site vulcanising

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Walkersele® OSJ-D

On-site joining for restricted access/off-shaft

Walkersele® OSJ-D is a new variant of James Walker®’s highly successful technique for the On-Site Joining of split-type Walkersele® radial lip seals, specifically for use where access is restricted or the seal needs to be joined off-shaft.

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