James Walker® manufactures and supplies complete ranges of metallic and semi-metallic joints, gaskets and sheet jointings to suit every industrial application.

In addition, we produce precision-cut flat gaskets to any shape, size and quantity from any sheet material, including our own extensive ranges of jointings.

A vast stock of flange gaskets is held ready for immediate despatch, and we can economically cut non-standard profiles of any complexity within minutes.

Our work at the frontier of sealing technology gives us a clear understanding of the roles that gaskets must play, for example…

  • If joint faces are absolutely flat and aligned true.
  • If flanges do not distort under load.
  • If loaded bolts do not stretch or relax there is no need for a gasket, because the joint will be perfect.

In the real world, such perfection is very expensive to achieve and almost impossible to maintain. Therefore a gasket is the most practical and cost effective way to seal a bolted flange joint.

The problem for designers and maintenance engineers is to select the correct gaskets to ensure the integrity and safe operation of their fluid handling plant.