Clearance in a conventional pivot joint connection is necessary for installation, but this clearance will continue to increase due to the relative movement between pin and bore from alternating tension/ compression forces, vibrations and shock loads.

The consequences of such wear can be: damage to equipment or personnel safety hazards, accuracy and manoeuvrability problems during operations, not to mention the time-consuming and costly repairs to get the equipment back in operation.

bondura® solutions eliminate play, and repair the ovality and clearance that have occurred in the joint. The bondura® technology makes it possible to use larger assembly tolerance. When the bondura® pin is assembled the tolerance is close to zero, same as a press fit. The result is a contact surface of 360 degrees and a load surface in the support of 180 degrees. If the diameter of the support bore is more than 2 mm larger than the pin diameter, an oversized conical sleeve may be used. In principle it is possible to expand and remove large amounts of ovality, but in order to reduce retightening frequency and space requirements on the side of the assembly, the ovality should be no more than 1 mm. If there is more, the bore should be grinded to be as round as possible. Oversized conical sleeves may be supplied for all bondura® types.