The rotating antenna inside this radome must be secure to provide accurate and reliable Doppler weather radar.

That’s why National Weather Service uses our products to secure the antenna pedestal to the structure in all of the 159 NEXRAD radar towers it operates.


Plastics injection molding plants such as US Farathane have traditionally faced uncertainly whether heavy molding dies are safely secured to mold platens.

Our products provide a visual indication that all bolts are properly tight, showing the dies are secure. Product reusability provides reliable operation through countless mold changeovers.

Factory Automation

The constant motion of production robots can cause bolts to loosen thus creating downtime and time-consuming torque checks.

Our products allow manufacturers such as Cat® Work Tools to get critical bolts properly tightened initially, and use a visual check while in operation to be certain they are still tight.

Electrical Distribution

The joint bolts connecting segments of electrical busway must be properly tight to provide maximum current flow and to prevent dangerous arc flash.

For more than 20 years, our products have been specified by OEMs of busway products such as General Electric, Eaton, and Siemens.


Mine operators face pressure to maximize machine availability by reducing the time production equipment is down for maintenance.

That’s why K+S Windsor Salt Ltd., Canada’s largest salt manufacturer, refits critical mining equipment with our products. Now they can perform a visual check that critical bearing bolts remain tight instead of performing laborious and time-consuming torque checks.


Operators of wind farms, such as the NAES White Creek Wind Project in Washington State, must perform periodic maintenance inside the turbines.

Torque checking electrical connection bolts is one dangerous job that requires workers to don bomb-proof suits, shut down power, and go inside an electrical enclosure. Using our products, workers can visually verify bus bolts remain tight by safely inspecting them through a plexiglass viewing window.