HARDLOCK® Nut provides unparalleled self-locking performance even in the toughest environments and applications.

HARDLOCK® consists of two nuts, the first nut “Convex Nut” (clamping nut) has an eccentric protrusion on the upper surface. The second nut “Concave Nut” (locking nut) is designed with a concentric recess for locking the two nuts together. By tightening the Concave Nut onto the Convex Nut, a strong perpendicular load will be applied to the bolts from both sides locking HARDLOCK® and making it resistant to vibration and impacts from any direction.

After installing HARDLOCK® you will realize a significant decrease in maintenance related work due to its exceptional self-locking effect. This will offer improvement of running cost, though HARDLOCK® is a high end products, in combination with the advantage that it can be reused multiple times without almost any decrease in performance. HARDLOCK® is entirely made from metal only unlike other common self-locking nuts and is available in various materials and surface treatment suitable for any environment.

HARDLOCK® is predominately used in applications which require safety at higher level in extreme conditions and environments, including but not limited to Railway, Mining, Civil engineering, Oil and Gas, Refinery, Chemical and Petrochemical industry, and Machinery, just to name a few.