Together with all of its employees, the management of AYMARA is committed to satisfying its customers with both products that meet or exceed international standards and the fastest possible delivery terms, while at the same time remaining competitive.

To ensure the creation, maintenance, development and continuous improvement of the quality management system in AYMARA, the following quality policy has been implemented with a view to the objectives and context of the company and to support its strategic focus:

  • The basic orientation of the company is to make the company a sought-after business partner and supplier in the wholesale operation and wholesale representation of fasteners, tightening equipment and seals,
  • The company fully identifies with the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9000 series standards, i.e. with the principles of the effective implementation and continuous improvement of process management that affects the quality of the services it performs,
  • The company constantly creates the necessary organizational and financial resources for the implementation, development and improvement of its quality management system,
  • The long-standing aim of the company is to constantly improve its activities and ensure the quality of the services it provides,
  • Service suppliers have a significant share in the provision of our services, and so the company will continue to develop active cooperation with them in clarifying our mutual requirements and implementing them.