Visual bolt inspections are up to 10 times faster. When many bolts need to be inspected, there is considerable value in reducing the time required to inspect each bolt.

Visual bolt inspections are hands-free. In cases where bolts are difficult to access or under electric voltage, visual inspection enables a worker to perform inspection without touching the bolts.

Visual bolt inspections promote safe work practices. Sometimes, bolts are in hazardous places. While security of these bolts is critical to operations, it’s also critical to ensure personnel are not placed in harm’s way.

Visual bolt inspections are more accurate. Traditional inspection methods often use torque measurement, which can be unreliable because of hidden friction factors. SmartBolts bypass this limitation by measuring bolt tension directly.

Visual bolt inspections provide increasing value over time. A regular and comprehensive bolted joint inspection plan can ensure that your equipment remains reliable, high-performing and safe for many years to come.

Economical benefits

Saving within designService life is extended with full repeatability, reusability, and no wearable parts.
Saving within assemblyUnique design eliminating requirements on special tool within assembly.
Saving within maintenance costsVisual indication is safer, saving time and costs.