Removal and installation of large & heavy crane pins can present a whole set of demanding challenges such as: stuck pins due to corrosion, wear, lack of lubrication procedures, wrong use of lubrication, damaged or failed spherical bearings, and you also run the risk of damaging the bearing during installation and removal of the pin.

bondura® is installed on newbuilds and as retrofit with crane manufacturers worldwide, sizes ranging from Ø100 mm to and above Ø480 mm. Examples of positions where bondura® is used are section joints, cylinders and boom.

The bondura® technology enhances the total quality of the crane; not to mention the increased life cycle.


The bondura® pins are installed in many different types of drilling equipment worldwide. Examples of positions where bondura® is used are clevis, dolly, top drive, compensation systems, pipe rack cranes and other pipe handling equipment.

The bondura® pins eliminates wear, ensuring a solid 180 degree distribution of the load within the supports of the pivot joint.

Our technology also reduces the need for maintenance on the support by reducing the need to line bore. The risk of cracks forming in the support will be reduced and the equipment’s life cycle will be extended.

bondura® pivot pin technology will reduce downtime, optimize machinery performance, ease and speed up maintenance, planned and unplanned, cut maintenance cost, dramatically increase equipment life cycle and increase the overall quality of the equipment.


bondura® pin technology has been the standard of the industry since the early 1990’s on eliminating pivot wear in heavy equipment permanently. Machinery used in forestry and construction see a lot of wear and tear due to frequent and heavy strain – with continuous shock loads to the machine throughout its operational lifecycle.

bondura® has a great record of accomplishment in machinery such as: feller bunchers, harvesting heads, felling heads, log skidders, loaders, log stackers, mulchers, dozers, excavators, drilling machines, concrete boom pumps, wheel loaders and blast-hole drill rigs.

Any kind of heavy machinery exposed to heavy loads will experience wear on certain positions. Be it the boom base on your excavators, bucket pin on your loaders, or a tilt cylinder on your articulated dumpers, mobile cranes or any other kind of industrial equipment.


bondura® is approved to replace existing pins in the mining industry.

The main challenges are shock loads due to falling objects, sudden increase in resistance from different minerals, and vibrations from drilling and ramming. Resulting in heavy strain on vulnerable joints.

We can provide materials with durable hard chrome surface to prevent abrasion. Our bondura® solutions can be delivered with the required documentation to comply with strict health and safety regulations.

Amusement Parks

Safety is of utmost importance in the amusement industry and an error can have critical consequences bondura® pins addresses safety by eliminating slack in joints in all machines where there is a conventional cylindrical pin connection. Sound due to unwanted movement is eliminated and the overall quality of the rides increases. bondura® pins are easy to install and easy to extract which is important when you have to assemble and disassemble equipment.

bondura® pins are tailor made according to customer needs, can be designed to fit in all types of rides, and can be used in newbuilds and retrofits.

Oil pump jack

Beam Pump maintenance and efficiency are also critical factors in artificial lift operations, due to remote locations, tight tolerances and health & safety regulations.

bondura® Crank Shaft technology gives you easy onsite installation, maintenance & replacement of bearing stack, no unwanted movement in joints, the ease of working with smaller hand tools, as well as significantly reduced downtime and maintenance costs.


bondura® is approved to replace existing pins in dredging equipment. The dredging- and construction industry have a lot in common in terms of equipment, but the environment is more challenging in the dredging industry; corrosion being the largest concern.

Our material portfolio includes several stainless and acid-proof materials to comply with customer requirements.