Many electrical applications require control panels, transformers etc.. One of the largest causes of fires in these applications can be traced back to cable lugs and connectors.

Cable lugs are connected with a nut and threaded rod/ bolt, the material is often BsBm (Brass). Incorrect installation and lack in maintenance can cause these fires. Recently there are Infrared inspection services to check for thermal heat ups. However the vital point is why? Why do these joints heat up? This is apparently due to vibration which exists at 50~60Hz and also thermal cycling. These two factors slowly cause the nut to slip against the surface of the lug, creating a loose joint.

In Japan railways, there were many fire incidents as well as non-responsive incidents with problems in signaling preventing identification of train locations as well as problems with motors which became non-responsive. By using HARDLOCK® nut, they were able to prevent nuts from slipping, solving the underlying issue. Recently, Saudi Arabia has undergone successful tests with our product in their motor control units.

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