Advantages of HARDLOCK® nut:☝️

💪Fail safe fastening performance in the most demanding environment
HARDLOCK® mechanism creates no clearance between the male and female threads on the bolted joint that makes it resistant to vibrations and impacts from any directions.

💪Reusable without almost any decrease in performance
HARDLOCK® nuts are entirely made from metal only and do not use plastic deformation to create an interference fit, unlike prevailing torque nuts.

💪Torque control tightening is possible
Tightening the convex nut with appropriate torque will achieve a target clamp force. Can be fastened to a bolt even with zero clamp force.

💪Available in various materials and surface treatment
HARDLOCK® nut can be made from various materials iron, heat-treated steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, titanium, brass and even polypropylene, to name just a few.

💪No special tools are required for installation
General wrench, torque wrench or impact wrench is sufficient.

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