The customer in Italy did a company wide asset analysis to find the asset causing the most loss. They found that 70% of the issues were caused with over 150 vibration screens used in their metallurgical processes. One of the major reasons behind the asset loss was the amount of nuts and bolts they had to exchange every month for all of their machines. This was also a huge loss of production for the processing of coal.

There are many companies who pour their efforts into figuring out why these vibrations occurred cause bolt loosening and how to reduce the vibrations. This is great but it doesn’t remove the underlying cause. Vibrations multiply when bolts loose their clamp force. Many people confuse the nuts coming loose with nuts loosing their clamp force, but this is not the same phenomenon.

HARDLOCK® is the solution for these types of harsh vibrations. HARDLOCK® has already done all the work for you. HARDLOCK® has been doing research into bolted joint solutions for 50 years, giving you the safest and most integral solution.

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