In this case study, we showed a usage example of HARDLOCK® nut for buildings. The client chose HARDLOCK® because of the long trusted history HARDLOCK® has with elongated holes. Double nuts are often used to achieve locking for bolts. A double nut which has been correctly fastened can achieve very high standards of locking, but this requires proper knowledge of double nut torquing techniques as well as proper use of tooling. To ensure the safety of double nut joints, at periods of once to twice a year maintenance is undergone to retorque the fastener.

HARDLOCK® nut is often used to remove the need for such expertise, meaning a more reliable joint. Such building frames are located in areas which can be dangerous if nuts were to come loose. HARDLOCK® nut guarantees safety in these areas, with the extra benefit that retorquing is not required. This leads to a major reduction in labor costs over time, justifying the cost of HARDLOCK® nut.

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