At thermal power station they were having problems with maintenance where nuts had to be re-torqued and welded under the water. Collision between boats and arch fenders (defending the wharf) over time, eventually leads to bolt breaking. To prevent these occurences, maintenance team decided to try welding the nuts to the bolts (in this case bolt breaking was caused by the nuts loosening – a loss in clamp force ). This seemed like a viable option but they found out soon that the welded joints were speeding up corrosion. Of course the nuts and bolts being used were stainless. But stress corrosion cracking due to corrosion wasn’t stopped by this. To fix these problems, they tried out HARDLOCK® stainless steel nuts to secure the arch fenders. This eliminated corrosion as well as any problems with loosening. Now the employees they don’t have to have a salty bath every once in a while (to be honest I wouldn’t want to be in the water near thermal power plant).

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